For Business Owners  Still Struggling To Get Seen On Google In 2022

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Get this right and you'll Never have to worry about not Having Enough customers. Heck! you'll Make so much sales you'll never need to run ads again.

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  • Let your website do your marketing for you 24/7 while you sleep.
  • Get more visits to your business website from people already in need of what you are selling.
  • Be seen as an authority in your field and gain the trust of your customers
  • Acquire a highly-sought skill needed by many national and international companies.
  • Make money from this skill and help other business get to the top of Google.
  • You'll never need to run expensive Facebook and Instagram ads looking for customers.


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You missed out!

Dear Struggling Business Owner...

You don’t realize it yet, but in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn that it is very possible to get consistent customers through Google without paying for ads.

Have you have been struggling to get a consistent flow of customers for your business?

Are you tired of sitting and waiting for people to patronize your business?

Day by day, month to month, you end up with little to no sales and barely manage to feed your family and take care of needs.

 You assure yourself that it’s the bad government, or the Covid-19 pandemic, and that everyone is also having it hard.

True... but not for smart businesses that has made it to the top of Google.

You have tried it the local way, why not try it the smart way and let the internet help you out.

 Look at all the people in Nigeria that the internet has turned into celebrities in such a short period of time - Shaggi, Sabinus, Macaroni, etc.

 I’m not asking you to act and do comedy, but you can make your business get the same exposure these people have using the internet.

And I will show you how.

Fact is - Nothing is going to change until you change your mindset and your business strategy. 

I’m not promising that it is easy, but I can tell you that if you follow what I’m about to show you step by step, and spend 1 or 2 hours per day working on it, you will be amazed at how your business will go from local to a respected online brand. 

Isn’t that worth giving a shot?

Think about how your business can grow and generate so much cash for you that you’d never have to worry about not having enough to invest in other businesses, buy cars and live your dream.

 It takes real work, so you can stop at this point if you are lazy and expect your business to grow on its own without any input from you. You can go back to sitting in your shop and hoping. Hope alone does not make things work.

Ask yourself this question, "What will I gain if I keep missing out on information that can help my business out of carelessness or neglect?"

The no. 1 reason your competitor is doing better than you is INFORMATION, and you can no longer afford to keep missing out.

Imagine learning how to get your business to the top of Google. The biggest search engine in the whole world. And in front of 104 million Nigerians who are actively using the internet.

Imagine your business appearing in Google when someone who needs a product you are selling searches for it.

Imagine people interested in your business contact you, who found out about your business when searching on Google.

It means you’ll no longer be the one begging and hoping for customers to come. No! 

You’ll be the one deciding who to sell to and at the price you want to sell. 

This is the biggest skill in 2022 for any business owner in Nigeria

If you utilize this skill well, you can grow your business to a height you never imagined possible.

It doesn’t end there...

If you don’t yet have a business, you can turn this skill into a business and charge business owners to help them get their business to the top of Google.

You can even get a high paying job just with this skill as many agencies are looking for people with the skill that can help businesses get to the top of Google.


  • The most complete easy to follow course that will teach you step by step how to use the internet to generate an influx of customers by leveraging the biggest search engine in the world - Google.

  • With this course…
  • You’ll get more customers and make more sales by getting massive exposure on Google.
  • You'll be seen as an authority in the field and gain the trust of your customers.
  • You'll turn your website into a marketing machine.
  • You'll acquire a highly-sought skill needed by many national and multi-national companies.
  • You can make money from this skill by helping other businesses get more customers from Google.
  • You’ll stop spending thousands on Facebook and instagram adverts.
  • You are saving hundreds of thousands to get it ( some agencies teach this skill for hundreds of thousands of naira)
  • You can easily get a job (many Nigerians don’t know this skill yet so you’ll have little or no competition).
  • Here's What This Course Contains...
  • This course has been so simplified that anyone who understands basic English will understand it.

Module one - contains 4 video lessons

Here we look at how to leverage selling with Google through understanding what SEO - Search Engine Optimization is all about.

You'll learn what SEO is, how it came to be and why it's very important for your business today, and many more...

Module 2 - contains 9 VIDEO lessons

Here, you will learn the importance of researching your keywords properly before writing any article you want to publish on your website.

I will show you all the tools you will ever need to do your keyword research both the basic and advanced ones.

Module 3 - contains 5 VIDEO lessons

Here you will learn the importance of creating content for your website and why it's pivotal for your business.

You will discover how to generate unlimited content ideas so you  never run out of what to write and how to structure your content for optimal performance on search engines.

Module 4 - contains 2 video lessons

Ever wonder why some content outperform the others on search engines? One of the major reasons is because the top ones are SEO optimized. 

I will show you exactly what to do to your content to make it rank well on Google and other search engines.

Module 5 - CONTAINS  10 video lessons

You will learn about different ways you can boost your business website on Google using different offpage SEO tactics. 

The strategies shared in this module will catapult your website to the top of Google when applied properly.

Module 6 - contains 5 video lessons

Here, we focus on simplifying the technical part of SEO. You will learn the "technical" things you need to do to your website in order to make it Google friendly. 

Get this right, and you have set up your website for success. This module will teach you how.

This is already too much information, but I won’t stop at that.

I will be adding other high value bonuses for those who get this course before the timer hits zero.

I know the value of these bonuses and what it can do for your business and that is why I won’t leave it open for just anyone…only the serious action takers.

bonus 1 - web design course

This course was created by my mentor and friend and it was so good I had to buy the rights to sell the course from him. I paid N19,500 to get the resell rights to this course. And now I’m not even selling it but giving it out for free.
You will learn how to design a business website, an ecommerce website, a school website, a hotel website, and any website at all very easily.
I don’t need to remind you that you can make money designing websites for other businesses with this skill.

Bonus 2 - FaceBook Advertising Course

You will learn from a Facebook ads guru, how to create your own Facebook ads and run profitable campaigns. If you think conversion Facebook campaigns are hard, then you need to watch this course.

Bonus 3 - 1,000 Backlinks site

In this course, you will learn that one of the most challenging part of SEO is getting backlinks. I usually charge N10,000 for creating 100 backlinks for people. And now, I’m giving you free access to my database of 1,000 backlinks that I paid heavily to get access to.

Bonus 4 - Access to 3 Sales Letter Templates

Have you ever tried to sell anything online without success. You should check your sales letter. To get a good sales letter, you will have to hire a professional copywriter and pay thousands for it, or you can just follow a template that has proven to work over and over again.
With these 3 sales letter templates, you can convince anyone to buy anything you are selling online without even hiring or having to be a professional copywriter or sales person.

Bonus 5 - Professional Sales Letter Design Software

Do you like the design of this page you are reading now? I used a premium software for it that is hard to get. But I will give it to you and show you how to use it to design a sales page like this one.

Bonus 6 - Access to Premium SEO tools

Psssss! Don’t say you heard this one from me oo. I will show you how to access premium SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. that cost hundreds of dollars per month in subscription for almost free of charge.

Bonus 7 - Mini Importation Guide

Do you want to know how to source for goods at cheap prices from China and resell them at good rates in Nigeria? This eBook on mini importation will teach you how. Many Nigeirans are paying for this information in WhatsApp lessons but you’re getting it for free here.

Bonues 8 - Affiliate Marketing Guide

Do you know there is something called affiliate marketing? It is the process of selling other people’s products and getting a commission for it. We already practice this somehow in our local markets and call it “oso ahia”. But you will see how it can be done online and make money in dollars with it.

Bonus 9 - Premium Video Editor

I will give you access to the premium video editor I use to create all my courses. You can use this editor to edit any kind of videos - sales videos, YouTube videos, video courses, etc.

Bonus 10 - My 1 year support

I can’t leave you hanging after you get this course. I will always be there to support you for one full year because I genuinely want you to succeed. So feel free to ask me anything and I will gladly help you out. I’m here to make sure you get the best result for your business.

  • Hey! If all this is making you get excited, it should.

  • Imagine having this course and all these high value bonuses in your arsenal…the sky will be the starting point for your business.

  • And trust me, you will never see an offer like this anywhere.

  • Earlier on, I asked you the question, what will you gain if I keep missing out on information that can help your business out of carelessness or neglect?

  • This is not the kind of information a business owner in 2022 will want to miss.

  • Okay, you’re probably thinking…this is going to cost a fortune.

  • It could, but it won’t

  • I won’t suck your account dry in the process of helping you, so I won’t be charging what other agencies charge - like hundreds of thousands of naira.

  • I will not even be charging my normal rate of 25,000 which is fair enough.

  • Just for today, you will get access to all of this plus the bonuses for only N10,000.

  • This is to make sure anyone can assess it while retaining the integrity of the course.

  • So just before the timer hits zero, you can get access to this course and all the 10 high valued bonuses for ONLY 10,000.

  • How cool is that?


Get SEO PRO Master Course for a One-Time Low Price of N35,000 >>>N10,000 + Bonuses Worth Over N2m.



ACCOUNT NO.: 2036160071


Once paid, send your name, bank, amount paid, phone number and email address to 08068007410

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You missed out!

  • I’m not telling you about what doesn’t work. The strategies I discussed in this course is what I apply myself, and currently, I have used it to grow my 4 month old blog to the top of Google.

  • Here are some proof so you know it works…

  • Who's behind this course?

  • My name is Chinenye Madumere and I have been in the internet marketing space for over 5 years. I have also worked for digital marketing agencies so I know what works and what doesn’t.

  • I know the tricks digital marketing agencies use…including ones they will never tell you. I know because I have been in the system, and I have coached people who are also seeing results with my proven strategies.

  • Here are what my clients have to say about my work…

Gloria Chinenye is true expert digital marketer. I have consulted her expertise to grow my sports blog  from 0 t0 3,000+ traffic in less than 4 months. 

Ugochukwu onynweaku

Sports Blogger

This course is really one of a kind and I learnt so much about how to grow my business with Google. It's so easy to understand and contains valuable information no young business owner should joke with.

Vigale Dubon

Graphics Designer

A digital marketer with a difference. The course is straightforward and simple to understand. But what I love the most is how supportive she is whenever I need her attention.

Prosper chukwu

Freelance Writer

  • If you’re still sitting on the fence and wondering what to do with all this…STOP and think of all the ways you can use these resources to grow your business into a strong and respectable brand.

  • Here’s a fact for you - Great achievers are action takers. If you don’t change your mindset, you’ll keep being in the same pain.
    Even Albert Einstein said - You don’t solve a problem in the same level where the problem was created. You need to upgrade your knowledge…which is what this course is offering.

  • So what are you waiting for?

  • Grab your copy of SEO MASTERY and get my 10 massive bonuses.

  • This course and the bonuses are of worth millions but I'll give it all out to anyone smart enough to grab it before the timer hits zero at just N10,000.

  • This offer is sealed with a 100% money-back guarantee. So if for any reason you're not thrilled with this game changing course, I'll refund your money - no hassles, no hard feelings. That's how absolutely certain I am that you will find tremendous value in this course. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • So what are you waiting for?

    Get SEO PRO today and get access to the course and over 10 bonuses worth millions

    PS: You only get the bonuses when you order today...not tomorrow, NOT Next Tomorrow


Get SEO PRO Master Course for a One-Time Low Price of N35,000 >>>N10,000 + Bonuses Worth Over N2m.



ACCOUNT NO.: 2036160071


Once paid, send your name, bank, amount paid, phone number and email address to 08068007410

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You missed out!

  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Does it require that I have a website?

Every 21st century business should. And many people don’t know that with even less than 3k, you can get a website up and running. It’s not magic. The web design course I included as a bonus will show you how. If you still don’t get it, you can hit me up, I’ll support you all the way.


How long before my business starts seeing results?

It depends on the level of effort you put in. On average, if you follow my strategy and put in 2 hours of work a day, you should start seeing significant results in 6 months. If you put in more hours, you can see results in shorter amount of time.


Do I need to have a laptop?

A laptop will be an added advantage. But you can secure this course now, as it may not be available forever. You can always get a laptop anytime you’re ready.


Do I need to be a computer Guru?

No you don’t. As long as you can figure out how to use Facebook, you can use this system. And our course will show you step by step what to do.

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