May 16, 2022

Terms Of Use

You agree to accept and comply with the Agreement regarding the use and access to Ideahub’s Web site (“Site”) when you visit the property of Ideahub (“Ideahub”) including all information and materials (the “Site”) and any text, images, graphics, and texts (the “Agreement”) as described below and at other locations on this Site.

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Although the Site believes that all information, materials and images, as well as graphics, illustrations, graphics and text (“Content”), was accurate and reliable at time of posting, Ideahub cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or current status. Ideahub is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any Content on the Site.

You understand that any Content you upload, transmit, or post to the Site (“User-Content”) is your sole responsibility and Ideahub does not have any liability to you or any third parties for such Content. Without limiting the generality, you warrant and represent that:

  • you are the sole owner and author of all intellectual property rights.
  • You have waived all moral rights that may be associated with such content.
  • All content you publish is correct
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You agree to ensure that your User Content does not contain computer viruses, trojans, worms, or other potentially harmful programs or files. Furthermore, it must not be offensive, discriminatory or illegal. Ideahub will also be held harmless from any loss or damage that may result from your User Content.

Ideahub has the right to review, flag, filter and modify any User Content on the Site. However, Ideahub is not obligated to do this. You understand that you could be exposed to Content you find objectionable, indecent, or offensive and that you are using the Site at your own risk. Ideahub has the right to remove the following User Content without limitation:

  • Advertisements and “spam” content; Referrals to other products, companies or offers, websites or third-party intellectual property.
  • Email addresses, URLs and phone numbers. Physical addresses, or other kinds of personal information
  • Negative or harmful reviews or comments posted on this website or their authors; or
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You grant Ideahub perpetual, irrevocable and transferable rights to any User Content you submit. This includes the right to copy, modify and delete any part of it, to adapt, publish, translate and create derivative works from it, and/or to sell and/or distribute it around the world.

Interpretation and Jurisdiction 

All laws and regulations in your territory or province apply to the access and use of this Site. Some products and services featured on the Site may not be available within your territory or province. Accessing this Site requires that users obtain information and comply with any restrictions. You must determine whether you are able to legally use this Site, in accordance with all applicable laws.

Any term or condition that is unlawful, null, or unenforceable shall be removed from the Agreement. It shall not affect any other terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are not complete. They are governed by the applicable terms and conditions of the contract for the insurance product purchased and any applicable laws. The contract will prevail in the event of any discrepancy between it and the Site.


It is strongly recommended that once you have access to the Site, you don’t leave the computer terminal until after you have left it.

Ideahub cannot guarantee that the information, software, or other material available through the Site, or via links to other Web sites, is free from viruses, worms or Trojan horses, or any other harmful components. Without encryption on this site, communication via the Internet or electronic communication cannot be secured and privacy cannot also be guaranteed.


You share some personal information when you become a client at Ideahub. Ideahub adheres to all applicable laws regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. These information may be shared with our insurance partners to provide you with tailored products or services. You agree to receive promotional and marketing messages from our partners and us.

Some sections of the Site allow the transmission of personal information in order to use electronic services. Any personal information submitted via the Site will only be used for the purposes stated in it.


Cookies are small files that are sent to your Internet browser to allow us and third-party service providers to identify you when you visit the Site. You may not be able access some parts of this Site if you disable cookies in your browser.

Cookies are used for your convenience to identify you when you return to the Site. They also allow us to collect information about you using the Site. This allows us to provide you with certain services through the Site. It is also used to monitor, improve, protect and improve the Site. We can also integrate third-party services into the Site.

Cookies are used to integrate these third-party services into the Site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analysis service offered by Google Inc. It uses a first-party cookie to anonymously report website traffic data. This includes information such as the device and browser used to access the Site, the location from which they access it, the frequency with which they visit the Site and the pages visited. Also, the order in which they visit the pages and the links to other websites and pages.

Google Analytics is used on the Site to report Demographics, Interest Reporting and Display Network Impression reporting (“Advertising features”). Google Analytics uses a third-party cookie to report website traffic data as a result of these Advertising Features.

Website traffic data is used to understand who visits the site and how they use it. This information can be used to make decisions about improving the site, to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, and to personalize visitors’ experience based on their interests, activities, and profile.

You may opt-out of Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics browser opt-out add-on.

AdWords and DoubleClick-remarketing

DoubleClick and AdWords are Google Inc’s marketing services. They use a third-party cookie to identify users who previously visited the Site from third-party websites that are part of the Google Display Network or other Internet advertising spaces.

To display ads to users who have visited the Site before (or similar users) using Google Analytics with AdWords or DoubleClick, we use website traffic data from Adobe Marketing Cloud and/or Google Analytics With AdWords/or DoubleClick. This is based on their interests, profiles and activities.

DoubleClick and AdWords can be opted out by visiting the Google optout page or the Network Advertising Initiative optout page.


The Copyright Act protects the Site, as well as copyright laws in other countries and International Agreements. Its Content can’t be altered without violating Ideahub’s, the author’s, and moral rights.

The Site’s Content is and will always remain the property of Ideahub or the author, except as otherwise stated. Without the prior written consent of Ideahub or the author(s), the Content may not be reproduced, copied or modified in any way. Any unauthorised act, including downloading, retransmission, or any other copying or modification to the Content could be considered a violation of federal or other applicable copyright laws and may lead to legal action.

Without Ideahub’s prior written consent, no Content from this Site may be quoted or transmitted to newsgroups or mail lists, electronic bulletin board, blogs, or incorporated into other Internet Web sites.


Some names, words, titles and phrases, logos and icons, graphics and designs, or any other content on the Site pages, may be trade-names and trade-marks registered in Nigeria and other countries by Ideahub or its affiliates. They are not part of the intellectual property (the “Trademarks”) of Ideahub or its parent or affiliates.

Some names, words, phrases, logos and icons as well as other Content on the Site pages can be trade-marks. These trade-names may also be registered by third parties. They are subject to licence. These trade-marks and trade names are not allowed to be used by the users without the express permission of Ideahub or third-party proprietors.

Unauthorized downloading, retransmission, copying, modification, or copying of the Trademarks and/or Content of this Site could be considered a violation any federal or other law applicable to trade-marks or copyrights. This may lead to legal action.


All Content on this Site is provided “AS IS” without warranty. Any liability for any use of the Content on this Site by anyone other than Ideahub is completely disclaimed. Without limiting the generality thereof, Ideahub is not liable for any damages, losses, claims, or expenses that may result from the use of this information or any other way connected to accessing or using the Site.

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